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Location Facilities Redefined for
Award-Winning Productions

General Coach Canada
Albert Approved Supplier
Expandable Trailers
Greenmark Approved
Institute of Transport Administration
Expandable Trailers


Expandable Production Office
Expandable Production Office

Production Office


Always looking to push the boundaries and new frontiers in the Film & TV Industry. On-Set developed & introduced the Expandable 20-position Production Office in 2020 setting a new standard in facility vehicles.

Expandable Make Up Trailer

Make Up


Our Expandable Make Up Trailer boasts 12 spacious positions and an optional private room. Fully colour temperature controlled LED lighting and an expansive fitted kitchen make this the first choice for make-up departments across Europe.

Expandable Costume Trailer



With over 50m of hanging rail and an expansive kitchen and work area, alongside a comprehensive suite of innovative features. 2022 saw On-Set introduce the Expandable Costume Trailer 


Location Facilities


Our entire fleet of custom-built Location Vehicles has been specially designed for the TV & film industry, manufactured in the UK. Our purpose-built premises have fully equipped workshops to maintain and expand our comprehensive range of vehicles.

On-Set has an instant Response Service Team on 24 hour standby, ready to immediately provide support as needed. We realise the importance of efficient and friendly staff. That’s why all our drivers are properly trained, helpful, and willing to become part of the team.

Established in 1991 On-Set Location Services rapidly became one of the world’s leading location facilities suppliers. From the beginning, we have supported both the T.V. & Film industries throughout the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and North and South Africa, working hand in hand with companies whether it be a small, low budget project or a large high profile production.


Since conception, we have always been innovative and forward thinking in the design and capabilities of facility vehicles and transport. Now with over 32 years of experience, we are proud to say that they are able to build the most modern and highly specified vehicles available to the T.V. & Film industries.



Introducing our latest innovation in sustainable energy for the film and high-end television industry: our hybrid generators powered solely by HVO fuel and battery storage systems.

To explain what our setup entails Hybrid generators combine traditional fuel-based generators with high-capacity batteries. This integration ensures continuous power supply while reducing reliance on fossil fuels, thereby mitigating environmental impact.

This adoption of hybrid generators offers a multitude of benefits including:

  • Environmental Sustainability: by a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on finite fossil fuels.

  • Cost Efficiency: Lower operational costs through optimized energy usage and reduced fuel consumption.

Essentially, from data received from past productions we are typically able to power a unit base for two thirds of a day from the batteries alone, the generator will only run when the battery has depleted to a state of charge that we stipulate, for this period of charging the generator will be powering the base as well as recharging the battery. The total capacity of a system needs to be able to cope with the anticipated peak load at base - traditionally, this has meant that diesel generators were spec'd to cope with this peak but for the rest of the day they are basically being used under-capacity which has meant inefficient fuel consumption - by adding the battery, you can basically eradicate that 'redundant' fuel burn and store in the battery to discharge without the generator for subsequent power demand. As previously stated this typically leads to a 66% reduction in generator runtime as well as fuel and CO2 savings.
What sets our hybrid generators apart is not just their versatility and reliability. It's also the advanced monitoring and control features that allow us to optimize power usage, track savings, and remotely control operations from anywhere in the world.
With real-time monitoring, as can be seen on screen we can ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings while minimizing our environmental impact. It's not just about powering productions—it's about doing so responsibly and sustainably.
To give a more detailed explanation our hybrid generator initiative is equipped with cutting-edge monitoring and control features, enabling real-time oversight and optimization of power generation. Key functionalities include:

  • Operation Monitoring: Constant monitoring of generator performance and renewable energy production.

  • Power Usage Tracking: Detailed tracking of energy consumption patterns to identify optimization opportunities.

  • Savings Analysis: Calculating cost savings achieved through reduced fuel consumption and increased reliance on renewables.

  • Remote Control: Full remote-control capability, allowing adjustments to generator settings and operational parameters from anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, incorporating the hybrid generator vehicle into our towing configurations, that remain with your unit base we are able to further reduce the bringing in swing vehicles to move your base, greatly reducing empty HGV miles which are one of the biggest contributing factors of CO2 emissions in production. 

In conclusion, working alongside sustainability teams and providing them access to the real-time monitoring and data for each production not only are we reducing carbon emissions for that single production but by analysing the data we are gaining valuable insights into how to improve efficiency going forward. Therefore, our hybrid generator initiative represents a significant step towards sustainable energy usage and environmental stewardship for productions.




Our entire fleet of over 400 custom-built Location Vehicles has been specially designed for the TV & film industry and manufactured in the UK. Our purpose-built premises have fully equipped workshops to maintain and expand our comprehensive range of vehicles.

Expandable Production Office

Production Offices

Our fully equipped Expandable and quad slide-out Production Offices have been designed specifically for the industry and built by On-Set to the highest standards.


Currently the highest standard available in the industry.


Fleet Compliance

As the UK and Europe's only importer of Type 02 and Type 03 approved Canadian and American trailers our clients are safe in the knowledge that all our trailers are VCA and/or RDW approved and legal for use on UK/European roads.

VCA/RDW Type Approvals

Type Approval is an assessment to ensure that all our trailers meet specific legal requirements and abide by laws and regulations. It is to examine the safety, security and environmental impact of a trailer for it to then become legal to drive on the roads.


With an extensive maintenance schedule in place for all our vehicles and trailers, On-Set's fleet is always above the standards required by road safety laws. 

Rosa Romero, Amaranth Films

I always choose On-Set. They have an excellent fleet, but most importantly, reliable and friendly personnel that work with production to offer practical and affordable solutions. That is what sets them apart from any other facilities company.

Emma Mallet, UPM

On-Set have been my go-to supplier for facilities for many years. The kit is of the highest quality from honeywagons to star trailers and everything in between. 


The boys were really fantastic – nothing was too much trouble, they were consistently helpful, good humoured and organised, plus the truck was great. It was all really appreciated by everyone in the Costume Department.

Sustainability in Film and HETV


We a proud to be accredited by both Albert and Green Mark

Albert Supplier
Green Mark Approved

As the only Facilities company in Europe to be accredited by both Albert, the film and tv industry's sustainability authority and Green Mark the internationally recognised environmental certification, On-Set Location Services Ltd are fully committed to our environmental responsibilities and work closely with our production clients to manage our environmental impacts and aid them in achieving their sustainability goals.

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